Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy (late) Anniversary to me!

So, we're snowed in (school's been closed all week). And sick (2 kids are on antibiotics). And Dave's computer crashed. Meaning Dave has been working from home, on my computer, thus severely limiting my internet time. We all have some serious cabin fever. We're supposed to get 5 more inches of snow tonight (on top of the almost 2 feet that we already have) so tomorrow I've decided I'll definitely take a picture of the snow. Up til now, I've just been either staring forlornly out the windows at all the cold, wet, slippery stuff, or else trying not to get stuck in it as I traverse the treacherous side roads in an attempt to get my kids to a Doctor and then pick up their medicine. Incidentally, I got stuck today. After reversing down 3 different streets when I almost got stuck several times, I finally ended up completely stuck and unable to move. Fortunately, I was in my driveway and Dave was home and he came and saved me. Well, got the car unstuck so we could pull into the garage.

Anyway, our 8th anniversary was on Monday. A very nice side effect to being married in January of 2000 is that I always know how long I've been married by what year it is. 2008 = 8 years. Since we have kids with fevers, ear infections and strep throat, our anniversary consisted of homemade chicken noodle soup (Dave's specialty, it's quite delicious) and a movie after the kids were in bed. Except Gabe, I think he watched the movie with us.

I only have a couple wedding pictures on my computer and I'm entirely too lazy to scan any in right now, so here ya go.

Outside the temple after the sealing. It was a beautiful day. Not like this year.

Dancing with my brother at our reception. I like this one because you can see my dress really well, I love my sleeves.

And after the cake feeding. There's a reason that the cake is in Dave's eye, by the way. After we cut the cake, he fed me a piece very nicely. I then went to return the favor, but he wanted to spice things up a bit. So, he grabs my arm. To the casual onlooker, it looked as if he was trying to stop me from smashing the cake into his face. But he wasn't! He was pulling my hand towards his face so that I WOULD smash the cake into his face and I was pulling away because I didn't want to! I mean, come on, I'd only known the guy for 7 weeks, now I'd probably gladly smash the cake into his face, but I was still on my best behavior then! So, anyway, he's stronger than me, but apparently doesn't have good aim and ended up pulling my hand to his face and hitting his own eye with the cake. However, everyone watching thought I had smashed the cake into his eye. Making me look like the meanie with poor aim. So there you go. My cake story.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Conversation with Nathan - age 6

"Mom, I'm hungry."

"Well, I'm bored."

"But, I'm hungry."

"And I'm bored. What are you going to do for me?"

"Bored people have to do something. So go make me food."

lol, guess he showed me.

The Business of Being Born - A review

So Dave and I braved the snowstorm and went downtown for the documentary last night. Overall, I loved it. But, being a birth junkie, I figured I would love it. Dave thought it was a bit overly sensational, speaking to a woman's emotions and not addressing the facts clearly enough for him. (however, I do have all sorts of fact sheets to show him now.)

After the movie, there was a panel Q&A session. The panel included local professionals. An OB, a Pediatrician, a Midwife, a Doula and a new mom who had experienced both an in hospital birth complete with epidural and a fully natural home birth.

The movie, being a movie about birth, obviously showed several births. If you've never witnessed a home birth, I would recommend you see the movie for that reason alone. Seeing an unmedicated birth in a calm environment is amazing and empowering. The movie had opinions by many of the top midwives and OBs in the world and I thought it presented the facts clearly. It did have a bias towards midwife attended births, but that was kinda the whole point since we are inundated with images of medicated hospital births and c-sections from the mass media.

Some interesting facts that were presented...

1. In every other country in the world that has 400,000+ births, 80% of the births are attended by midwives, with 20% being only high risk births attended by OBs. The US stands alone as the only country where 99% of the births are attended by OBs in a hospital setting.

2. Of those same countries, the US has more infant and maternal deaths than any other country.

3. C-section rates are up 50% in the last 10 years, with the national rate being around 32% (1 in 3) of all births being c-sections.

4. It has been proven (and admitted as such by the OBs interviewed in the film) that birth interventions, including induction with pit, use of epidurals and admitting a laboring mother too early (3 cms or less) have greatly increased the c-section rate. One OB said that when looking at a chart of the data, you see peaks in "emergency" c-sections at 4PM and 10PM daily. 4PM being the Dr's that want to be home for dinner and 10PM being the Dr's that want to go home to bed.

5. When comparing midwife attended births (which are always normal, low risk births) to normal, low risk hospital births (high risk births are not included in these studies), home births are just as safe and sometimes safer than hospital births.

6. Back in the early 1900's a smear campaign went out against midwives that has perpetuated the notion to this day that midwives are low class, uneducated, anti-conformists that don't have the mothers best interest at heart. When birth moved to a hospital setting during those years, the midwives weren't allowed to go with it, which caused the division that exists today. In all those other countries mentioned before, midwives work with the OBs in the hospitals.

7. Pitocin is synthetic. It makes a woman's contractions, harder, longer, closer together and much more painful. An epidural will remove the pain for the woman, but what about the baby, who is also feeling the effects of those much more difficult contractions?

The movie did have opinions from a couple of OB's who were very against midwifery care of any sort. The interesting thing was, though, that they had never witnessed a homebirth, never bothered to look into a midwives certification process. One OB didn't even know that midwives carry lifesaving measures with them and are trained to use them. (things like oxygen and pitocin for bleeding). How can you speak so strongly against something that you havn't bothered to learn anything about?

While I very much enjoyed the film, I think my favorite part was the discussion panel at the end. I was quite impressed by the OB they had brought in. He was clear that he thought hospital births were the safest way to deliver, but he was fair in his assessments. He said that while he, personally, respects what midwives offer and would love to have a Certified Nurse Midwife in his practice, it's not up to him. He has to follow the rules and regulations of the hospital, plus there must be an agreement between all the practicing OBs at the hospital. He feels that bringing midwifery care into the mainstream is still a long way off.

I was also interested in information on VBAC's (vaginal birth after a c-section). At the hospital he practices at (Holy Family, for you locals), they are pro-VBAC. The reason they can be is because it's hospital policy for the on-call OB to sleep at the hospital when he/she is on call. Since they're already there, they can be there for the laboring mother who is attempting a VBAC. At many other hospitals (including the other main two local hospitals), the on-call Dr sleeps at home and just responds to his/her pager. They are more likely to not be VBAC friendly in that type of environment because the Dr has the promise of home and a warm bed to return to if he/she is able to just perform a c-section and go. This Dr said it's a lifestyle choice that each Dr makes when choosing a hospital to practice with.

The panel pretty much agreed that where to birth is a choice for each mother to make, and I agree. But I did leave with the feeling that somehow pregnant women should become more informed of what their own body is capable of. They should be armed with information of everything from side effects of interventions, to what a doula is and how one could help. (if you're wondering, a doula is a labor support person who stays with the laboring mother and is her physical and mental support and her advocate for her choices). I think that fear needs to stop being a tool used by Drs and nurses to bend a mothers will to their schedules. I believe that information is the first step to bringing midwives back into the birthing world.

I loved one statement that the midwife on the panel made. "The best epidural you'll ever have is a caring doula or loved one and an attentive midwife."

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I babysat Mae today

She's almost 3 months old. And since I havn't taken pictures of her since she was 3 days old, you better believe I took some today. I didn't even tell Rach yet. So, here ya go, Rachel. I didn't take a lot (this is all of them), but she sure is a cute model!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Teeth and Snow

Nathan lost another tooth. How cute is that hole in his mouth? I'm a little startled still every time he smiles.

And it snowed some more. I'm over the snow, but the flakes were big and pretty and Gabe loves it, so I took pics of him enjoying (and eating) it.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Business of Being Born

Just a little info for you local blog readers. The documentary, The Business of Being Born is showing at The Bing Crosby Theater on Saturday night at 7. Afterwards there is supposed to be a panel of OB's and Midwives for a discussion session. There's no charge to attend, but they are accepting donations. If you're an anti-link-clicker, it's a documentary comparing hospital births to births attended by midwives. It looks very interesting!

And since blog posts deserve's my second scrapbook page. And really, these pictures of Gabe should be enjoyed on a regular basis. Whether for you to get a good laugh or thank your lucky stars that he isn't your kid. lol

Click it to see it bigger!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Insomniatic (is that a word?) Ramblings

I have a king size bed. Big, right? Biggest there is, in fact. But, in case you were wondering, I king size bed is NOT big enough for 2 grown-ups, a 5 year old and a 2 year old.

Nearly every night, between the hours of 3 and 5, I awake to being kicked in the head by said 2 year old, only to roll over and find my way blocked by the 5 year old.

I am now faced with a choice. Try to ignore them, in an attempt to avoid coming fully awake, and attempt to sleep with feet in my face and nowhere to go. (As it really doesn't matter how often I straighten him out, he'll immediately turn sideways again and for some reason his feet are always on my side.) Being pregnant, I prefer to sleep on my side and rather sprawled out. This is not possible when sandwhiched between children, so I end up on my back with my arms above my head. NOT a good sleeping position.

Choice #2. Walk the 5 year old back to her bed and carry the 2 year old back to his. The problem with this is the getting up part. I end up awake and unable to fall back to sleep for quite some time. Being someone who treasures any sleep she can get, this option is very irritating. Unfortunately, kicking Dave til he wakes up and moves them isn't an option as he sleeps like a log. (I've tried. Many times.)

So what usually ends up happening is I lay there with my arms above my head and try to sleep until my bladder (a hazard of the unborn child within) insists that I get up and empty it. This is when I move the monsters, go back to bed and wait for the ever elusive sleep to descend again.

And now, it's 5:12 AM. I've been lying in bed, wide awake since 4:30 AM. I got bored. So, here I am.

I'll probably be able to fall back to sleep in the next hour or so, and then the alarm will rudely awake me at 7:30. And in case you're wondering, I still don't like that I have to wake up early every day to get a kid off to school. Whoever decided school should start so early in the mornings was not thinking about pregnant people with toddlers that kick.

Okay, they just weren't thinking about me, period. I am not a morning person.

Whenever my kids start high school, we will be finding somewhere to live that has release time seminary. In case you were wondering.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Learning something new to waste my time on

I've never understood why people scrapbook. I tried it briefly, and was just overwhelmed and annoyed by the cost, the mess and how much time it took. Plus, I wasn't very good at it. I discovered digital scrapbooking and thought it was a much smarter way to scrapbook, but I still wasn't very good at it and there weren't a lot of printing options at the time.

But, now, with some patient tutorials from Kristie and lots of free scrapbooking downloads from various blogs and scrapbooking sites, I'm starting to get it! Want to see my first attempt? (click to see it bigger)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stuff I kept meaning to blog

December was so busy, that I never really got around to blogging. So here's a bunch of pictures to catch you up.

Aria turned 5. Check out the cake, I'm getting better!

It started snowing (it still hasn't stopped, it's ridiculous).

My friend and I took our daughters (who are bff's, if you recall) to see Princesses on ice.

Not bad for a point and shoot, eh?

We visited family and friends (this is Nathan with his 2 good friends) in Seattle.

Santa came to Grandma's house to visit all the kids. This is Nathan and one of his cousins.

While we were there, Aria wanted to take pictures with her favorite cousin. So we did an impromptu photo shoot.

Everybody got in on the action. Grandma with her grandsons.

And back home for Christmas morning. I actually didn't take that many pictures Christmas morning, I just enjoyed it. But here's one of the kids in their matching jammies that Aunt Christie made them.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

5 babies in my family

Between the months of October and May, in my extended family, we have 5 babies due. 2 have been born, one is due this month, one in Feb and me in May. These pregnancy pictures are for baby #4. My cousin's second child. (Maryanne, I'll put your whole gallery up as soon as Dave fixes something that I need to get it up)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I got some interesting news today!

If you remember, I had an ultrasound when I was 12 weeks pregnant. The ultrasound tech said that she couldn't say it with 100% accuracy since we were only 12 weeks along but that she was fairly certain we were having a boy. She showed us what looked like boy parts and we agreed that it sure looked like a boy! I've had 2 boys and it didn't look much different from their u/s pics, albeit smaller.

So today, I went in for my mid-pregnancy ultrasound. The tech asked if I wanted to know the gender and I said yes. Imagine my surprise to find out that the baby we believed to be a boy for he last 2 months, is in fact a girl!

Aria is beyond thrilled.

I'm happy too, for several reasons.

1. Everything is still even. Having a boy would have thrown off my desire to have things be even. 2 boys, 2 girls.
2. I adore my boys, and would have loved another one, but I really wanted Aria to have a sister. There's nothing like the relationship between sisters.
3. I knew I'd keep trying for a girl. I really, really don't enjoy being pregnant and now I don't feel even a teensy bit guilty for wanting to stop. Or at the very least take a nice long break.

Want to see the pictures?

Monday, January 07, 2008

Katie and Justin

My cousins. Aren't they cute? Here's the whole gallery.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Welcome to the world, Jovie Jean!

I have another new neice! This is April's new little dd, Jovie. And little she is! Only 6lbs 8ozs and 19.5 inches long. I'm not used to babies so little, but she's so sweet! And Nathan is in love with her. He held her for a good 20 minutes when we visited at the hospital.

Here's lots and lots of pictures!

Jessie and Jovie

Aria and Jovie

Nathan and Jovie

and pictures from our shoot the day she came home from the hospital.

April knitted this blanket for her. It's so soft and I have one for my baby too! yay!

I made this next one vintage because I really liked the picture but in the original they're glowing red from one of those point and shoot red focus lights that was being used right as I pressed the shutter release. Turns out, I really liked it in vintage and did a few others that way too.