Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Baby watch! I'm an Auntie!

Rachel had her baby today! Mae Ann weighed in at 8lbs 2ozs and 20 1/2 inches long. She's very cute and like a good photographer, I have lots of pictures for you all.

The happy family.

Aria with Mae. She's so happy Rachel had a girl. She said "It's just too bad we're probably having a boy baby." (did you catch that? hint, hint?)

Nathan and Mae. He wasn't so into the holding the baby thing. He liked the vending machines.


Look at her cute little teeny finger by Sean's finger.

Sleeping with her fists snuggled up on her face.

Proud Grandpa Mac (Sean's dad)

Mae's first bath.

Put my clothes back on! I'm cold!

Holding Daddy's hand.

With Grandma J (my Mom)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Poor Gabe was just screaming bloody murder in his bed

So, I ran upstairs to see what happened and he was sitting in his crib, tangled in his blanket like a little ghost and he couldn't get out from under it. *giggle*

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sneak peak for Andrea

***UPDATE*** They're done! You can see them all right here.

I'll let you know when the rest are done, but I thought you might like to see a few of them!

I love this family! Each of the 6 kids has their own personality that just shines in the pictures. It's so fun!

I'm pretty sure this is the only time he really smiled in the whole shoot. lol

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So, I had an ultrasound today

I've been getting phenergen from my family dr since the midwife can't prescribe it and she wouldn't keep giving it to me unless I got an u/s that showed everything was okay. So she got me a discount and I went in and everything is good! I was right with my dates, even!

And get this....the tech got a good between the legs shot (a few of them) and is pretty sure she knows what it is. She's been a tech for 16 years and when she pointed it out to me, I could see what she saw. So, anyway...baby is healthy, 12 weeks along, and I know (not 100%, but fairly sure) what I'm having!

Yay me!

Oh, the best part, the dr will keep giving me phenergen so I can keep functioning. *phew*

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just bragging on my boy

This is Gabe. He's almost 2. Watch what he can do.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My brother's sr pics

My baby brother graduates this year! Here are a few of my favs, you can see them all here. Oh, regarding the line of text at the bottom of the gallery. Dave's been working like a maniac and not sleeping and I begged him to take some time to put this gallery up. It was late. lol.

GQ, huh?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's times like this that I wonder what I'm doing.

Once upon time (about an hour ago) I was making pancakes. It was a rough day. Woke up throwing up and stayed pretty nauseous and yucky feeling all day. Nathan asked for pancakes for dinner and I figured that's easy enough so I started them.

I got Nathan and Gabe fed, but Aria said she wasn't feeling well (Nathan just got over a yucky, vomitous, stomach bug). So, I sat her down with a puke bucket and a little ginger ale to sip. I said, if you throw up, USE THE BUCKET.

I then went to flip more pancakes when I hear the unmistakable sound of throwing up. I run over and Aria is throwing up ALL OVER THE COUCH. I turned her head to the bucket and asked why she wasn't using it. When she was done throwing up in the bucket she said she didn't know what was going on. Hopefully she knows now and will use the bucket the rest of tonight.

Anyway, I take her and half my couch cushions outside. I strip her down and tell her to go stand in my bathtub and wait for me. After she goes inside, I hose down her clothes, the pillows, the blanket she had, etc and start to load the washing machine. I take a load in, go back outside for some more and when I come back in this time I see Gabe. He's standing my the open toilet (thankfully it was recently cleaned and had been flushed) with a cup full of water that he'd just taken a drink from. Yup. Toilet water.

(it was around now that I remembered the pancakes and took the burnt ones off the stove and turned off the burner)

I tried not to throw up myself and ran him up to the other bath tub. I turned the water on then ran to my bathroom to turn the water on for Aria. After I turned her water on I hear Gabe screaming so I run back. He had turned the water all the way to hot and burned himself. *sigh* Fortunately he had the good sense to back away and wasn't hurt badly so I left him in the tub to play and sat next to him. A few minutes later, he pooped in the tub.

Cleaned the poop out, drained the tub, cleaned the tub, refilled the tub, rebathed the kid, got the puke off Aria, got them both dressed and sitting down. Aria with her bucket that she says she'll use now.


Smart Nathan just stayed out of my way. lol.