Thursday, November 11, 2010

Had my ultrasound!

I have so many blogs I should be doing but I've been too busy to get anything down. One of these days I'll go through and back date a bunch of stuff. But in the meantime, we found out what we're having!

So there's a story that goes along with this. I touched on it in my first blog about this baby but didn't tell the whole thing.

Dave was in the temple and had a very clear feeling that there was a boy baby, named Hyrum, that was ready to come to our family. He came home and talked to me about it and I was wary. Pregnancies are rough for me and I wasn't ready to be pregnant again.

A few days later, I got a Priesthood Blessing and I was told there was a boy baby, named Hyrum, that was ready to come to our family. That I was to be his mother. The spirit was very strong and I realized I couldn't not listen to this clear of a prompting.

But, still, in the back of my mind I was takes me forever to get pregnant, I'll be fine til next year at least. But like I said before, this little one was impatient. I found out I was pregnant within a matter of weeks, not months. Which means, I was likely already pregnant when I had that blessing.

But now I had a new fear. It was very clear that there's a boy named Hyrum that is meant to come to our family. So what if this turns out to be a girl??? I was so sick and so miserable that any time I thought about this baby being a girl, I'd burst into tears. I was trying hard to get over myself because I knew I'd love the baby no matter what, but I was terrified that I'd have to go through yet another pregnancy.

I prayed and told Heavenly Father that if he wanted me to have more kids after this, I'd listen. I'm willing to do His will. But, please, please, don't mess with my mind. He said he'd send Hyrum, so just let this be Hyrum so I don't have to go crazy wondering how many more kids I'd have to have to get him here.

I was terribly anxious for our ultrasound and really excited when yesterday finally came!

I went in and it was immediately clear, even to my untrained eye, that I was, indeed, pregnant with a boy.

The relief was intense. I'm so happy that little Hyrum is coming now and I don't have to deal with the emotions and insanity of not knowing. Everything looked great and I found out I have anterior placenta which would explain why I'm not feeling much movement yet. (it means my placenta is cushioning his blows) And he's a mover and a shaker. The u/s tech was really annoyed that he didn't stop moving once. He rolled and rolled and kicked and punched and waved his arms around. Totally incapable of sitting still.

The funny thing is, Dave was so excited about it that he couldn't sit still either. He managed to sit through about 20 mins of the u/s but when the tech let me get up to use the bathroom he left. I called him after the last hour cause I had no idea where he went and he was like "I was too excited to sit there, so I went to put gas in the van."

Apparently, Hyrum is his Father's son. Can't sit still for anything. (Looks like I'm in for it.)

Dave and I celebrated at Qdoba after I texted everyone I knew (which, btw, that burrito, with all the protein, rice and veggies was AWESOME. I didn't feel like throwing up once after eating it. I should eat one every day. It would certainly make this pregnancy easier).

Then we came home and informed Gabe and Clara. Gabe said "YES! That means we're not messing up our patter-en!" (boy, girl, boy, girl, boy) and Clara didn't really care much about the news. Nathan and Aria asked as soon as I picked them up from school and they were happy to hear it too. Later in the day Aria realized the boys will be outnumbering the girls, though, and she was a little annoyed about that. lol.

So...that's where we are now. At this point I feel like Heavenly Father is pleased that I was willing to have Hyrum and I think we're done. I did tell Him that if He wants me to have more that it will need to be very, very clear. I'm also open to the idea of adoption. I adore having a big's just these pregnancies that make me crazy and sick and miserable and whiny and, and, and...

So, on to pics of our new little guy.

His profile

His hand (this was right at the end...the u/s tech said "say bye to your mommy and she caught this...cute, huh?)

and the proof