Sunday, December 26, 2010

Going back in time

I'm home from church today with my oldest (he woke up covered in hives, oi) and decided it would be a good time to get a little blogging done. A couple weeks ago I was catching up on my moms blog and came across some pictures of a trip we took to North Western WA with mom and dad in August. Aka...week 7-ish of this pregnancy...or...the beginning of the hell that is the first (and usually second) trimester.

In other words, I was sick. Super sick. Constant, debilitating nausea and a lot of throwing up. So I was also miserable and whiny and spent most of the vacation in bed trying not to throw up or cry.

So some of these pictures were the first I saw of what Dave and the kids did while I wallowed in my misery.

For example...

We went to the beach.

I curled up in a quilt, in the shade, on the sand, with a box of crackers, and tried to nap away my misery.

Dave and the kids, however, went to a beach museum of some sort and built a sand face.

Another morning they went walking along the coast where we were staying and looked for shells and starfish. I don't even remember this happening so I was either in my room, with the lights off, blinds closed, asleep, or trying to sleep away my misery.

I was conscious for part of the trip. Although, granted, not terribly fun to be around.

We went to Forks. (after a horrid drive through the mountains and around a mountain lake. Beautiful, but the road was long and curvy and horrid.)

If I look miserable in that picture it's because I was. Any other time I probably would have had a lot of fun running around Forks and being a dorky tourist. But I did take a few pictures. Pretty much the only pics I took the whole vacation.

Team Jacob! lol

The best part of the entire trip was going out to first beach at La Push. I had eaten a good amount of protein just then, there was a nice breeze and I had a few minutes of reprieve from the misery. It was nice to walk around and take a few pictures.

My favorite shot.

I even smiled once.

And I got a good laugh at my weirdo kids.

Merry Christmas! (a day late)

I was a slacker and didn't get our Christmas Cards sent this year. I also didn't write a letter. The inspiration just wasn't coming. I did, however, make the card itself.

So, here you are! Merry Christmas to all!