Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another milestone!

My sister assures me that this makes me a nerd, but I wanted to blog this before midnight so it would be the same day it happened.

Nathan lost his first tooth!

It's been loose a little over a week and tonight I put him to bed and he showed up a bit later to show me that it was way looser than it was earlier. He bounced around for a while and kept saying "I'm so excited!" After he pulled and twisted and wiggled it for about 45 minutes, I finally asked if I could help and popped it right out!

We put it in a little bag and discussed logistics. He wanted to know if he should put it right under the spot where he laid his head or over to the side because he didn't want to squish the tooth fairy when she came. He decided it was okay right under his head and that she'd survive.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tell me, what would you have done?

Suppose your children wanted to make you a snack. They went into the kitchen for a while and then returned with a treat that they were very proud of. They stood next to you, grinning, while they explained what was in said treat then waited for you to eat and react.

I got two treats. The first one consisted of a a piece of chedder cheese, topped with strawberry syrup, garlic, orange juice and another piece of chedder cheese. The second treat was chunks of chedder cheese and garlic in a bowl topped with rice milk.


I took a bite of both, grinned, praised them both on how great it was and what a nice surprise it was. They seemed happy with watching me take only one bite and they left to play. I siezed the opportunity and put the rest in the garbage disposal.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Oregon - Awesome and Annoying

Awesome -

-Voodoo Doughnuts. They were weird but SO YUMMY!

My favorite was a donut with chocolate frosting, dipped in oreos and drizzled with Peanut Butter. YUM!

-Harry Potter 5 at the IMAX. Not exclusive to OR, but still very cool.

-Funky Birdhouses on the side of the road with a lockbox and a note saying to just leave money and take one.

-Bald Eagles (no pictures...I don't have a long enough zoom lens)

-My parents for inviting us to stay with them in their timeshare.

-The coast.

-Daisies on the ground.


-Nathan trying to be like his Uncle Bud

Annoying -

-The fog

-It's against the law to pump your own gas. At one point I sat at a gas station for 5 minutes waiting for someone to come pump it. Nobody came so I went to another one down the street and sat there until my Mom went and got someone. HELLO! I could have filled it up myself twice by then!


My birthday presents.

From Gabe. I love these, so he did good. (with Dave's help)

Nathan and Aria picked their presents for me out and Dave just went with it. He said he tried to talk them out of it but gave up.

And the BEST.PRESENT.EVER. From Dave who totally surprised me! It's a speedlight, the flash goes off as fast as I shoot. It's AMAZING. Totally synchs to my camera too.