Thursday, December 20, 2007

I finally get it!

So my least favorite Christmas tradition growing up was riding around in the car to look at Christmas lights. I was stuck in the back of a minivan (where I'd get motion sick) and we'd drive around our little town looking at the same few streets that put the same lights up every year.

But today, when I stopped for the third time at "the dancing Christmas Lights" on our way home, it clicked.

It's the perfect thing to do with kids!

1. They're stuck.
2. They're quiet.
3. They're not making a mess.
4. did I mention they're stuck?

It's the perfect activity for a parent! Go try it!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Christmas gift from me to you!

Thanks to my friend, Alissa, and the awesome pay it forward blog, I aquired these fantastic Christmas Card templates.

So, I want to offer my friends, family and clients a Christmas gift if you're interested. Just email me at with the subject of Christmas Cards and let me know which number you like and send me the picture or pictures that you want on the card. The pictures must be ones that you took yourself or that you have the copyright release for. If you're a client of mine, just tell me the file name of the picture/s you want included. I already have the pictures so you won't need to send it. I will email the finished card back to you along with instructions for getting it printed up so you can send it out!

I know it's a bit late, but if you're like me and havn't gotten your cards ready yet, then here's your chance!

Merry Christmas! (Click the image to see it full size)








I could also use some help deciding which one of my own to send you like 1, 2 or 5?