Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's Sr Picture time!

And since most of my blog readers are family members, heeeere's Andrew! (my cousin)

You can see his whole gallery right here.

Monday, August 27, 2007


I signed a consent form the other day. It was a doozy.

-You may experience pain and bleeding and swelling.


-You may experience hives, with swelling and itching.


-You may experience nerve damage causing the inability to taste/feel for a period of time up to and including indefinitely.

bring it on.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I finally got sick of the headaches and scheduled the appointment. Fortunately, they were fully grown in and all it took was a local anesthetic and he pulled them right out. No trouble at all. I felt fine by the next day and now I feel fantastic because the headaches are gone! YAY!

To top it off, I have the best dentist in the world and he offered to do the surgery for free since I don't have dental insurance. Free. True story. All I had to do was drive 5 hours, which was no problem at all. What does one do for a dentist who does something so nice? Any ideas?

Oh, and I kept my teeth to show them to Nathan. He thinks the tooth fairy should give me $200 for those. I'm still waiting.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Family reunion

A lot of my fondest memories come from family reunions for as long as I can remember. Not everybody goes every year, but Grandma always has one and we all do our best to be there.

I have some pictures to share for my family members that read my blog. You see, there's this funny little side effect of being a photographer. People close to me get so used to me being around with my camera, that they don't bring their own. I am the official picture taker. ;) Good thing I like doing it!

My kids and my cousins on the boat. It's my kids first time on a speed boat and, granted, we didn't go very fast, but they loved it!

The kids burying my cousins husband (and the newest member of our family) in the sand.

Nathan's turn.

Marshmallow time! My family had to leave the night before everyone else, so we started marshmallows a little early so my kids wouldn't miss out. These are my cousins.

And the pregnant girls. My sisters and 2 of my cousins are all having babies! (click the picture to see it bigger)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Poor Gabe, surrounded by girls.

My husband has a large family so my kids have a lot of cousins to play with. But poor Gabe is the loan boy in a sea of girls. Just older than him are 3 girls. 2 of Dave's sisters and 1 sister in law all had girls a few months apart from each other. Then Gabe came. Following Gabe, 2 more girls were born.

Now my sisters are pregnant and providing some cousins on my side of the family. Rachel is having a girl in October. That left April as Gabe's only chance for a boy cousin. Today was her ultra sound. It's a girl. Little Emma Jean will be coming in December.

Now it's down to his second cousins. I do have 1 cousin who has a boy close to Gabe's age. They got to know each other at the family reunion last weekend. I have 2 other cousins that are currently pregnant...I'm crossing my fingers for more boys!