Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Things I can't do

1. Run. I've had all sorts of good intentions to train my body to run, but it just doesn't happen. I hate it. Hate. It's not even remotely relaxing or freeing or liberating, nor does it make me feel good. I'll just stick with walking, thanks.

2. Scrapbook. Again, lots of good intentions. I even succeeded at digital scrapbooking for a while, but it's just not me. Luckily, some smart person realized people like me exist and now I arrange my pictures in an album online and pay money to have it printed and bound and sent to me in the mail. Solves that problem! Although....I'm still about 5 years behind in my pictures.

3. Make cakes. Case in point. This is my pathetic attempt at a Barbie cake. I figured, how hard can it be? Just bake it in a bowl and stick a barbie in. Yeah...didn't work out so well. However, the kids had fun smearing frosting on it and then smashing it to smitherines and eating the crumbs.

4. Cut hair. One time I tried to cut my husbands hair. Just once. Then he learned his lesson. Saving the 10 bucks at Supercuts is not worth the hack job that I will do.

"It's easy" he said. "Just use the clippers! Not hard at all!" Shows him for trusting his head to me. He had several oddly placed bald spots for a while. Good thing he wears a hat!

I do know an amazing stylist though! My sister! She's the best and has a large clientele because her reputation preceeds her. So, we've been trying for about a year to talk Aria into letting her Aunt cut her hair.

Wasn't working. When she gets something in her head, nobody can change her mind. It has to be her idea. So today, Auntie Rae was over. She styled the hair of a client that I did head shots for, then cut my Aunt and Cousin's hair. Aria sat and watched it all. Then I showed Aria some pictures of her the last time she got her hair cut and that put her over the edge. Suddenly she had a great idea! So she got a haircut.

Before....(she's such a good little model! I just stand there and release the shutter and she strikes a pose or 5. Cracks me up!) This is last week.


and after....

Saturday, August 26, 2006

For Chantal's friends...lol

Chantal said you all are anxious to see these. So here's her favorite one. I'll add some more when I get them finished.

Alright, here are some more. These are my favorites from the shoot.

I can't decide between the next 2....black and white? Color? Good thing she gets to make that choice!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

A Tale of Two Cities....a book which I've never managed to get through. Even during English Lit AP when it was required, I didn't finish it. I'm pretty sure I still got a decent grade though. I don't recall. lol.

Totally not the point, though...it was just a good quote for the location of this photo shoot. I LOVE it. It's this field with a couple of run down rock buildings near my house. Very photogenic. But the kids I took HATED it. A friend came to visit for a week with her 4 kids and I had my 3 kids (so that's 7 kids, ages 7 and younger). We trudged through tall, pokey weeds that were putting stickers in their socks and shoes and they complained. Loudly. All of them. Well, except the babies. They were perfectly happy. But look! It was SO worth listening to an hour of whining.

This is one of my favorites...It just shows their love so well, I think.

Doesn't she look like a Cabbage Patch kid?

The biggest Dandilions ever...

I tried so hard to get a natural smile out of this kid! This was about as natural as it got. (He did great fake smiles, though!)

And she did NOT want me taking her picture...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Senior Pictures have begun!

It's that time of year again...the class of 2007 is beginning. How scary is it that it will be my 10 year reunion??? Anyway, my first Senior Picture shoot of the season.

I don't know why his eyes look closed in this one. If you click it they open up...blogger's being creepy...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Latest shoot

I traveled for this shoot and it was SO worth it! This is their first baby and their excitement was contagious! And I adored their cute dog!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Damsel in distress - that is SO last century!

The game: Super Heros

The players:
Girl, age 7 - Princess 1 (a friend)
Girl, age 3 - Princess 2 (Aria)
Boy, age 5 - Spiderman (Nathan)
Boy, age 4 - Superman (a friend)

The objective:
Save the princesses who repeatedly find themselves in mortal peril.

Scene one:
Princesses trapped in the mud pit.

Princess 1: Help us! We're trapped in a mud pit!
Princess 2: Yes! Save us Super Heros!

Super Heros respond and pull Princesses out of the mud pit.

Princess 1: Wait! Save our shoes!
Princess 2: Yes! Don't lose them! We need our shoes! Save them!

Super Heros save shoes.

Scene two:
Princesses floating down Lava Canyon.

Princess 1: Help! Save us! We're stuck in Lava Canyon!

Spiderman responds...

Superman: Wait, Spidey, you can't go through the lava...let me! I can fly!

Superman saves Princess 1

Princess 1: Don't forget to save my shoes!
Princess 2: Save me, Spiderman!
Spiderman: I can't, I'm in Lava Canyon. I have to float on my Lava Raft.
Princess 2: That's ok, I can use my powers and save myself! I have Princess Powers!
Princess 1: Help! Save her shoes!
Princess 2: I can save them MYSELF. I have PRINCESS POWERS.

The new generation of princesses obviously have their priorities in order.

Shoes and Independence. They don't need no heros! lol.

Friday, August 11, 2006


I have always wanted twins and taking pictures of these 2 sweet babies didn't take away that desire! They are so sweet and beautiful! They're boy/girl in case you couldn't tell. The boy just looks like SUCH a boy to me. lol

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A new look, a game and suggestions

Like my new blog look? Thanks to my sweet husband for fixing it up for me!

Guess who took that picture of me up on top? Aria did! (my 3 year old) She's got natural talent, I think!

The game...who can find the hidden anagram and what does it say?

And suggestions... I want a different tagline. Any ideas?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My other gorgeous sister

It's also her first anniversary. My sisters got married about a week apart last year.

When I was walking behind them she turned to her husband and said "Flex your butt!" I busted up.

I told them to "frolic" and this is what they did. They didn't want to actually get wet. lol

Loooooove the Japanese gardens!

Alright....last 2, same picture. Which version do you prefer? Please respond!