Friday, February 22, 2008

Aria and Nathan's first journal entries

So, Nathan and Aria both recently asked me for a journal. (not sure where they learned about journals...wasn't from me)

Anyway... Aria wrote this all by herself last night (she asked for a little help in spelling, but that's it)
I am 5 and once I was in bed and I prayed and I felt Jesus and I was very happy so I hugged my bear tight and said goodnight.

Isn't that so sweet?

Nathan, on the other hand, did a bunch of big math problems for his first journal entry. He was all "mom, does 2100 minus 90 equal 2010?" I was like "uh....(counting in my head....) yeah." and then he's all "does 1 million have 4 zeros or 6 zeros?" yeah...he's his dad's kid.

Book Tag!

I was tagged by my sister April, here is how it works:
Pick up the nearest book (one with at least 123 pages)
Open to page 123
Find the 5th sentence
Post the next 3 sentences
Tag 5 people (or as many as you'd like)

So, Dave packed all my books because I think he thought if I didn't have anything to read, it would motivate me to get our house ready to put on the market. (have you noticed my increase in blogging lately? Apparently not having books to read means I just look for something else that isn't cleaning or organizing).

Anyway, I did have a book still out because I borrowed it from my dad months ago and hadn't read it yet. So since it was my only book out, I read it recently. (so, Dad, you can have it back now, I'll bring it next week.) It's called "Understanding the Power God Gives Us: What Agency Really Means" by Joseph Fielding McConkie.

Fortunately it has 127 pages, so it's barely long enough.

"To concede the reality of darkness brings with it the possibility that she is in the dark, that she has done wrong, and that she needs to repent. Her arguments are couched to avoid the possibility of such a thing.

We have all heard this kind of argument before. The lines are old, trite, and worn. We are forever brought back to the simple verity that if there is light, there must also be darkness, and to reject the light always brings darkness in its stead."

There ya go. It's a good book. I learned some cool stuff.

I tag....

Liz (you need to blog, girl, it's been way too long)
and Lei

(I started with L names and just went with it.)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

For Rachel

I was watching Mae today and she was sucking her thumb and apparently she hasn't done that for her Mom, so I took some pictures for Rach. Pretty cute, I must say!

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Karate Kids

We went to a free karate class the other night for Nathan. (re: karate studio trying to get new students). They had gone to the elementary school for PE and Nathan really had fun so we took the family to the class that night. The instructor was super nice and let Aria and Gabe participate and they all "earned" a white belt.

The kids were so cute and had so much fun that I made a movie out of the pictures and video clips. Enjoy!

And yes...we were suckered into signing Nathan up. So far he still loves it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

So, I'm a little obsessive with photography. I tend to see the world as I would through a camera lens. I go to sleep at night thinking about images and things I want to try. When I get an idea, I have to try it ASAP. With all the white snow hanging around lately, and valentines day coming up, I had this idea. I heard it was going to start melting, so last Wednesday I ran out and bought some roses (overpriced since it's February) so I could get the contrast of them on the pretty snow before it turned gross and brown and slushy. (which is what it is now).

This was what I ended up with. I was watching Mae that day, so she got in on the action. Nathan wasn't interested. Aria and Gabe were a little upset with me. Apparently the snow is COLD and WET. Who knew? But look at the pictures! I'm pleased with how they turned out. Sometimes my ideas flop big time (the delete button is my friend), but sometimes they're quite nice!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Politics and snow

I know, they have nothing to do with each other, but both are on my mind. With the primaries and super tuesday and all that jazz, it seemed like a good time to bust out the pictures of these benches that I found in Cannon Beach, OR. They make me laugh. I'm especially amused with the fact that the republican bench has toys in the window above it and the democrat bench has help wanted and western union signs in the window above.

And snow...last weekend I finally took some pictures of the snow. Then it snowed even more yesterday. Yippee. This is just in front of my house because I really don't want to actually leave my house and walk out in the stuff. Grandma J playing with Nathan and Gabe.

By the way, the kids are getting rather disenchanted with the snow too. I asked them if they wanted to build a snowman the other day and Nathan and Aria were immediately like "mmm, nah..." and Gabe was excited at first, but then he said "actually, (yes, he said actually) I don't want to make a snowman today."

Monday, February 04, 2008

My weirdo 2 year old

I love kids and how they just are who they are and they have no insecurities yet. So I thought I'd share some Gabe-isms with you.

-He thinks he's 5. Really, he thinks everyone is 5. Once my mom graduated to 17, but usually if you ask him how old he is or how old anyone else is, he says 5. Here's proof.

-He's a lot like Dave. There isn't a lot of me in him, except for this. His tongue is hanging out constantly. Especially when he's concentrating on things. This is him playing air hockey with his friend that he plays with once or twice a week. (by the way, it cracks me up that he even plays air hockey at this age. Nathan could work a computer by the time he was 2, Gabe is more into the sports and active things like climbing everything in sight.)

-He has some of the best mispronunciations ever. He talks constantly and is pretty easy to understand, but sometimes you just have to know what he's saying. Like Booby Booby. That means Scooby Doo. See? You never would have guessed that one!

-He likes to announce whatever he's doing at any given moment. And everything is either something to be super excited about or super upset about. There is no in between. And it's never the same thing twice. Like the other night when I said it was bedtime he said "YAY! I wuv taking naps!" But the next night he screamed and yelled because he did NOT want to go to bed.

-I forgot one. He thinks They Might Be Giants is the most hilarious music ever. You might have to turn your sound up and there's no picture because it was night and I was driving, but this is him laughing hysterically while "Istanbul" is playing.

-Oh yeah, one more. He loves salad. Loves it. It's one of his favorite foods. How many two year olds do you know that ask for salad daily?

Everything is more fun with Gabe around!