Monday, July 11, 2011

Small Moment Monday x2

We missed last week cause we were out of town, but I have blogs from the kids for both here we go!

Monday the 4th

I went to see fireworks with Emily and Ben. I went up on the roof to watch the fireworks. I also went swimming at Grandma's. It was really cold in the water but the second time I just jumped off the diving board and went down the slide a lot.


We woke up in the morning and had no idea what to do. Everybody was going out of town so we went too. We got to Fish Hook and went boating. I went swimming in the freezing cold water with worms on the bottom. We had a party with our cousins. It was fun seeing the family.


My favorite thing was the fireworks. I liked shooting a bottle rocket and the other fireworks. I really, really liked swimming too. I liked the goats too.


I snuggled Emma and den Dada and den we went to Grammas and I started to slide and den I jumpeded and you jumpeded? Nope. Den Nathan jumped off the diving board and den he slided down. The fireworks blewed up in da sky. Yeah, they flewed up and den blewed up! *giggle*

Pictures from the weekend of the fourth...

IMG_5092 copy

Uncle Bud teaching Gabe to shoot at bottle rocket.
IMG_5210 copy

His first bottle rocket

Play time for the dads

IMG_5258 copy

IMG_5276 copy

IMG_5282 copy

IMG_5364 copy

And from Grandma's house.



Helping Grandma with the goats and in the garden.



IMG_0477 copy


On a walk by Rooks park

We saw a blue heron

The girls got too tired to walk

And todays small moments....(this is a really long blog, sorry about that)

I went to see a baseball game with Will. I liked the game. I got two signed cards from Recycle Man and Otto. And then I went to an arena football game and I didn't like it. (funny story...he came home with a couple flags from the game. I asked him if he wanted to keep them or toss them and he said KEEP! So I said "I thought you didn't like football?" And he said "I don't. But I like flags!")

photo (3)

photo (4)


I went to my friends house and we went swimming but I was the only one who got wet!!!


I like everything about the BBQ. Roasting marshmallows was really fun. I like to make them golden brown and make s'mores.


Mama's birthday. What did you had? Cake. You had cake and den hot dogs and den ice cream. I gived you a princess ball with a lot of princesses over it. Right?

photo (2)

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Linda said...

I really enjoyed reading about their small moments. Glad we could be a part of them:)